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Carpet Solutions


Carpet Solutions


Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are particularly flexible carpet solution creating an easy access to the floor. It facilitates technicians to gain access to the floor underneath, when they need to work with under-floor cables. These are crucial in rooms that are constantly subject to change.

Custom Carpet

You may choose to sketch a creative pattern on the carpet you’ve selected. It could be a logo design, a name, or a message. All you need is to explain your idea to our designers. We work on the pattern you create, suiting your need.


Stairwell Carpet

Stairwell carpets are a good solution for an anti-slip staircase. They prevent slips and falls purposefully suited for children, who playfully maneuver around staircases. Besides being safe, a stairwell carpet looks simply beautiful adding to the intimate décor of your home. Shade your staircases with the best in the market.

Welcome Carpet

We provide a spectrum of carpet runners in different colors and patterns. They vary in size, to fit any room you want. Runners usually are the best flooring solution for your hallway. They are comfortably soft and lay a glamorous walkway to brighten up your event. Go with the modern pattern, prints and textures like never before.


Branded Carpet

Branded carpets purposed to display your company logo, your brand and identity to all visitors and employees. They add persona to the interiors of your workplace. It is the colour, shape and design which adds to your corporate identity. Never thought of it as a marketing collateral? Well, it not late really.

Hotel Carpet

Wall carpets to rugs and tile carpets, deigned to the aesthetics of your hotel is immeasurable. It is this when you are looking for the perfect hotel carpet; the style, color and pattern speaks for itself. Adding to it, is the design and material you choose; combine to make it your brand.


Fire retardant carpet

Effective safety measures are essential to avoid accidents. In the event of fire, survival depends on how quickly people can be evacuated. Flame-retardant substances ensures the slow spread of fire.