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Carpet Solutions


Carpet Solutions


Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a particularly flexible carpet solution which makes for very easy access to the floor underneath. This means that technicians can easily gain access to under floor cables, which is especially important in rooms that are constantly subject to change.

Custom Carpet

You can choose to do the creative development of the pattern yourself or you can explain your ideas to our designers. Whatever you choose, we work closely to create a carpet for your project that is head and shoulders above the rest.


Stairwell Carpet

Stairwell carpets are a good solution, if you want an anti-slip staircase. If you have children or you have walking disabilities you have all the more reason to buy stairwell carpets. With stairwell carpets the stairs are safer as they help prevent slips and falls. A stairwell carpet not only improves the look of the staircase, it also improves the safety of your home and staircases

Welcome Carpet

We have a wide range of carpet runners in different colors and patterns. You can get carpets runners in many different sizes to fit any room or place you want. Runners are a good flooring solution for your hallway as they are soft and comfortable to walk on. Carpet runners will brighten up your event with modern colors and patterns.


Branded Carpet

Branded carpets are a good way to display your company logo, brand and identity to all visitors and employees. Branded carpets add soul, identity and comfort to your interior. Whether you want pay-off, Logo, Color or Shape anything is possible with branded carpets and they will add to a complete corporate identity.

Hotel Carpet

When you are looking for the perfect hotel carpet, the style, color and pattern you choose are important. Our broad range of wall-to-wall, rugs and tile carpets are available in different materials and designs so you are sure to find a hotel carpet that is sure to meet your specific needs.


Fire retardant carpet

Effective safety measures are essential to avoid accidents. In the event of fire, survival depends on how quickly people can be evacuated from the burning building. Many manufacturers add flame-retardant substances to their carpets to slow the spread of fire.