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IT Solutions


IT Solutions

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With the widespread adoption of smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and the like, users expect reliable Wi-Fi services anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Whether you want to create a Wi-Fi service for Hotel, Restaurant or residential building, business or educational campus, EnVogue IT Wi-Fi solution is the perfect answer for any connectivity, coverage and capacity needs. EnVogue IT designs robust and economical Wi-Fi Solutions for its clients as per their technical requirement by using world’s best Wi-Fi devices such as Cisco, Engenius, Rucku, D-Link, TP-Link and many more.

Solution Benefits

  • Extended Coverage and greater speed with up to three times the coverage as compared to conventional products.
  • Enhanced capacity and throughputs with more users per node.
  • Outstanding indoor devices which will suit your interior with deep penetration and good connectivity for indoor users.

Optimal Return on Investment (ROI) with high network reliability and enhanced quality of service. Provides up to 30% - 50% savings in CAPEX and OPEX and a faster ROI.

Improve guest service quality and gain maximum revenue with EnVogue IT Hot-Spot Solutions

The aim of the hospitality industry is always to offer best-in-class services for their guests. Management always runs an extra mile to achieve the satisfaction of the guests. Moreover, it is observed that properties like hotels, malls, resorts, schools, collages, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops and motels etc. have become popular destination of choice for travellers, visitors and students needing instant access to Internet to surf internet and stay connected to their office or family. Internet in these places is one of the key factor which helps in achieving the satisfaction and loyalty of the guest. Internet availability in the property is a basic amenity in the guest’s check list. Hoteliers are in need of comprehensive solution that manages uninterrupted high speed internet facility, fair distribution of bandwidth and unified billing system, to offer smooth Wi-Fi/ wired Internet services to guests for meetings, conferences, seminars, events etc.

EnVogue IT Hotspot solution – Xconnect, offers the most comprehensive and unified Internet billing as well as bandwidth management solution for hotels, malls, schools, collages, hospitals, company accommodations, restaurants, coffee shops, chain hotels and any public place where you want to create hotspots for internet access. EnVogue IT hotspot solution supports different networks like, Wired, WiMAX and Wi-Fi. Xconnect offers many features that are required by hotels and hotspots for reporting and easy management. Xconnect is smart enough to restrict unauthenticated traffic from accessing the internal network, and allow only authenticated traffic to surf the internet.Hotspot Internet Billing
Xconnect hotspot internet billing software solution is highly flexible and user-friendly solution for single and chain of hotspots such as hotels, malls, schools, collages, hospitals, company accommodations, restaurants, coffee shops, chain hotels and any public place. Xconnect hotspot billing solution is designed and developed specifically for hotspot segment where users need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and yearly based plans to surf Internet. The hotspot billing solution helps you to create different types of time based internet plans which can be further attached with prepaid vouchers for your users. The hotspot billing solution helps you to define the maximum and minimum bandwidth for each internet plan, with a rate tag. All you have to do is give us all the information during the pre-installation meetings so that our technical team can setup your network, and fit the Xconnect hotspot internet billing solution in your network and it is up and running to provide you a safe and secured network with accurate billing.List of places where hotspot can be created by EnVogue IT Hot-Spot Solutions

Hotels | Resorts | Chain Hotels | Hotel Apartments | Malls | Schools | Colleges | Cyber Cafe | Restaurants | Pubs | Bars | Coffee Shops | Company Accommodations

Any place where you wish to provide hotspot services

Point of Sale
POS Hardware
EnVogue IT provides multiple POS hardware options to suit customer’s technical and financial requirements which include NCR, E-POS, HP, Casio and many more.
Below is the list of POS hardware we deal in.

  • POS Servers
  • Touch and non-touch POS machines
  • Cash drawers
  • POS Keyboards
  • POS Printers
  • Customer Display
  • LCD Monitors
  • Web Kiosk
  • Handheld Ordering systems
POS Software
EnVogue IT provides POS software from Action Systems Incorporation in the USA
ActionSystems Inc. - Restaurant Manager Software
Restaurant Manager was originally developed in 1987 with the collaboration of a number of food service professionals, including owners, managers, cooks, servers and accountants. Over the years the product has evolved into one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly systems available. Restaurant Manager is used by thousands food service operations worldwide.

One Integrated System:

Restaurant Manager is ideal for a wide range of food service businesses: Table Service, Quick Service, Home Delivery, Bars and Cafeterias. It especially suited for "mixed" environments. For example, a business offering table service, carry-out, home delivery and cafeteria services all from the same location.Intuitive and Easy to Use:
Restaurant Manager was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The user interacts with Restaurant Manager through function keys (touch buttons) and pop- up menus. All Restaurant Manager screens, menus and options are self-explanatory and require minimal training. Restaurant Manager includes comprehensive on-line help. The user simply presses the designated "HELP" key and detailed instructions appear in a special help window. The Restaurant Manager help feature is "context sensitive," which means that the help window displays information which is pertinent to the current operation.

Data Cabling

EnVogue IT provides data cabling infrastructure systems, installation and design for projects starting from small office, single floor office or as complex as a multi-building campus environment, hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings, healthcare centers, hospitals, call centers, educational campuses, government centers and convention centers.

As the networked world continues to shape and impact every aspect of life, there has been a greater urgency for a global standard of excellence for those in the Information Technology profession to design, implement and maintain the networked world. That has been the mission of SKY EnVogue IT from its inception.

End-to-End Solution
EnVogue IT provides end-to-end enterprise network solutions with the most comprehensive line of networking products available in the industry. We provide solutions of market leaders like Cisco Networks, and HP Networking etc. for meeting our customers' needs.

Data networks (LAN/WAN)
Network design and projects based on the latest information solutions of leading world network technology producers are applied in the designs in order to plan a sufficiently massive communication infrastructure solution. The design applies certain fundamental requirements:

Flexibility - Easy accommodation of infrastructure to company development without necessary significant intervention in remaining network areas.

Modularity - Logical network separation to compact blocks aimed to ensure transparency, effectiveness, maintainability and safety.

Scaling - Easy capacity expansion without unnecessary cost and network interventions.

Transparency - Network must be "self-explaining"; task identification as well as operation of any network location must be easy.

We provide the following solutions:

Cat 6, Cat 5 Data Cabling for data and voice | Switches - Managed, unmanaged POE or non-POE switches | Patch Panels | Patch cables | Server Racks - Wall Mountable, Standing | Security solutions

Technology in the hands of businessmen

EnVogue IT is specialized in providing below services to any kind of business.

  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Software Support
  • Printer Support
  • Network Infrastructure Support
  • System Upgrades
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Flexible Service Levels Agreements
  • Relocation Services
  • Server Support & Maintenance