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Event Production


Event Production

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We take care of thorough details, creating a precise stage that suits your event. The stage usually depends on: the scale of the activity, what’s on, and around the stage area, and finally the size in relationship to the room it’s posted on. Further, to ensure audiences visibility of the performances and acts, we sketch the height, length and breadth of the stage, making it most suitable for a given event. Moreover, a riser or a ramp, adds value in defined events.

Usually, the set-up of the stage affects its requirements. Positively, it is far too common to go with a rectangular stage, yet few clients deliberately move away from the conventional arrangements. Here, the preferences shovel from a round stage, to a square or a zig-zag one. While, a few like to throw in fantastical thrills, with a stage that could spin, lift or have a massive ramp, especially where a car can drive onto the broader stage. These are many of the few that linger, nonetheless our team will guide you with more.
You choose the stage, we lay the brace.

Drapes around, and the backdrop of the stage, else lace it with décor which is thematically based. Next, we provide custom stage skirting, and carpeted flooring or Vinyl, exhibition carpets, fireproof carpets; designed to hold the face of the event.

Some of our clients have used Banners, as stage backdrops, while other prefer a plain backdrop which would go well with designer lights. Still others choose full-size LED’s or mini screens on extreme corners of the backdrop. Emphatically, we suggest the use of the company’s logo somewhere; additionally displaying sponsors, brands which add to the visual excitement.

The Stage garners special attention at a Wedding. Owing to which, EnVogue Wedding Planners pin latest, exuberant and innovative floral designs with a dash of greenery to liven up the exotic backdrop.

We also take care of the necessity of a Handicap ramp.

Until we design the best, our efforts won’t rest.

A seminar? A conference? A training program?

Stomping a professional set-up is the mood you’d want to breeze around the meeting hall. Subtle lighting and distinct audio is what you’d desire the most.

EnVogue has not only worked with local events, but we have planned and executed international conferences in Amsterdam, Greece, Turkey, Moscow, India, Bangkok, London and Georgia.

Our set-up draws the needed energy and composure to facilitate your conference a grand success. Your employees and guests will certainly have an unforgettable time.

Lighting is a unique and fun way to make an event striking. Ambient lighting can enhance features or hide them. We personalize the venue with adequate lighting, color, design, and artwork. Customized monograms and logos can be projected with the company’s message.

We also provide simple, complex and multi-zone sound production, with sound technicians, to assist you throughout the event. Cost effective solutions, is what we strive for.

Whatever your goal, whatever your style

Allow us to serve you, we’ll make it worthwhile.

Your vision, is our mission.