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Event Production


Event Production

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We take care of complete details when it comes to staging:

Sizing of the stage

Our technician expertise in determining the correct area of a stage, it is sometimes more art than science. Stage size depends on:

  • Activities on stage
  • Its scale and relationship to the room
  • What’s on and around the stage

How High?

You may not have thought about it, but if you’re planning on having a riser or a stage at your event, its height is very important for the audience’s visibility. Our team can help you with the same.

Where you set up your stage will affect what you will need. Although it is best (and easiest) to set up on flat, even flooring or ground, many times this is not possible. Surfaces that are sloped or uneven may require the stage to be leveled, which means additional materials for legs, braces and railings.


Yes! Most people think stages are square or rectangle…and most times they are. But you do have options. Do you want a round stage? One that zigzags?One that spins and lifts?One that rolls into position? How about a ramp where cars can drive onto the stage? Call us for consultation and our  team will be will be there to guide you.


  • Drape for backdrops
  • Custom stage skirting
  • Flooring. Do you want your stage carpeted? We provide great solutions to carpet likeVinyl, Exhibition carpet or fireproof carpets. Effective safety measures are essential to avoid accident( for fire acts) Have you thought about the color of the stage floor?
  • Banners make great stage backdrops. Use them to display your logo, acknowledge your sponsors, brand your event or add some visual excitement.
  • Floral pieces and greenery can liven up your stage.
  • Handicap ramps. Think about if you’ll need a handicap ramp – this is one detail you won’t want to forget. A handicap ramp will also adjust the layout of whatever you have on the stage.
Holding a small seminar? Hosting a large conference? Call today to discover our AV solutions that will ensure your event is a huge success!
Create a new look to a room by adding a dramatic stage set or a themed backdrop. Add lighting and some props and you have added even more dimension to your space.
We will create the perfect energy, tone and feel for your event…with class! We will work with you to design your event from the ground up ensuring that your personality, style, and taste are infused within your event and making sure your guests have an unforgettable time. Whatever your goal, whatever your style, allow us to serve your needs and exceed your expectations.
Lighting:Lighting is a cost effective solution that can enhance or transform your event – with impact. Lighting is a unique and fun way to make your event space a part of your event by personalizing the space with your color, design, and artwork. Customized monograms or logos can be projected with your flair or message. Ambient lighting can enhance features (or hide them) within your event space. Create impact and add elegance, flair, and energy. Whatever your vision, allow us to create a lighting plan that will WOW your guests.

Sound Reinforcement:From simple presentation to a complex concert or multi-zone sound production, our experienced team of sound technicians will work with you to create a cost effective solution that will achieve your goals. Call today to discover our sound production and reinforcement solutions.